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About Henner Diekmann

Henner DiekmannHenner Diekmann is a practising attorney who has been in practise since 1993. He is partner at Diekmann Associates in Windhoek, Namibia and has been so since first beginning practise, working on the structuring of transactions in respect of investments within the country. Henner Diekmann chose this particular career due to a personal interest in investment in various formats including unit trusts, stocks and bonds. He is also passionate about promoting investment in Namibia. Henner Diekmann is a member of the Law Society of Namibia and has experience across a number of financial arenas including property development and commercial real estate, start-ups and venture capital, mutual fund and stock market investment and foreign investment.

Outside of his professional interests, Henner Diekmann pursues a number of activities ranging from flying to exploring nature. He has held a private pilot’s licence since 1995. He also enjoys travel and in particular exploring new cuisines.