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Henner Diekmann

Welcome to the blog of attorney Henner Diekmann on the topic of foreign direct investment. ABOUT

Henner Diekmann

Here readers will find posts on topics relating to foreign direct investment, both within Henner Diekmann’s home country of Namibia and on a global level.

About This Blog

Posts will talk about subjects such as global greenfield investment trends, drawing on information from the latest fDi report and discussing cross-border investment. These will include a global overview of activity in the previous year, looking at key trends and interpreting statistics. There will also be posts focusing on specific geographic regions and on specific energy sectors, providing a break-down of activity and progress from across the world. There will be focus on the rise of renewable energy investment as well as details on fossil fuel sector investment in gas and oil.

Greenfield Investment

Emerging Markets

One of the main key trends to emerge in 2015 was the rise in pledging of greenfield foreign direct investment in India. India has now overtaken China as the top recipient of Greenfield FDI, with $63 billion pledged last year. This is more than triple the amount pledged in 2014. This blog will take a look at the underlying reasons for this huge spike in greenfield investment in India, from the easing of investment restrictions by the Modi government to the signing of multi-billion dollar deals across the nation.

Emerging markets are continuing to invest overseas in more economically developed countries despite the economic downturn. In turn, those developed markets are increasingly focusing on attracting this investment. This blog will look at trends and statistics and explore the ways in which developed nations are attracting investment from emerging overseas markets and how this could affect global economies.